This blog is dedicated to Access related topics. Most of the topics relate to problems I have encountered in the course of database development or questions that people attending my Access training classes may raise from time to time

Welcome to my Access Blog

In this blog, I will be publishing articles from time to time that will be of interest to anyone building and maintaining databases using Microsoft Access. if you are interested in tips and pointers for other products in the Microsoft Office suite, please see my argeeoffice blog here.

Access Developer Tools

FMS Developer Tools are arguably the most comprehensive set of tools for Access, SQL Server, and .NET developers.

Microsoft MVP Walter Niesz has put together a nice FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) article over at to introduce new Access programmers to de-bugging VBA Code. The article illustrates three basic debugging techniques that should be in every VBA programmer’s toolkit. If you are new to VBA or Access have a look at Debugging Techniques. While you are at have a look around at the thousands of opportunities to learn from other’s questions and to find answers to your own questions. (disclaimer: as a forum administrator at UtterAccess I enthusiastically support the forum which is, “without doubt is the only source for all of your Microsoft Access help needs...and more! ")