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In this blog, I will be publishing articles from time to time that will be of interest to anyone building and maintaining databases using Microsoft Access. if you are interested in tips and pointers for other products in the Microsoft Office suite, please see my argeeoffice blog here.

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FMS Developer Tools are arguably the most comprehensive set of tools for Access, SQL Server, and .NET developers.

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Clint Covington posted  Access 2010 deprecated features and components in the Access Product Team Blog yesterday that certain features have been deprecated in Access 2010:

  • Calendar Control
  • Snapshot Format
  • Data Access Pages
  • Paradox, Lotus, and Red2 ISAM’s
  • Replication conflict viewer

If you have applications developed in older Access versions that you want to port to Access 2010, read Clint's article to see what effect these changes will have on your application and some suggested workarounds.You should also keep these deprecations in mind for any new applications you may develop in pre-2010 Access versions.